Solange Gomes students will be able to learn not only some Flamenco technique but also the discipline and commitment inherent in learning an art form. The dance is also used as a way to uncover Spanish history, language, culture and social studies.

The students learn about the development and cultural influences of Flamenco, the three elements comprising the art and the music and dance techniques. The educational advantages in learning through real life experiences are unmatched and will heighten the students’ appreciation of cultural diversity in our communities. 

Flamenco guitarists John Major and/or Luis Camberos accompany the classes.  Having live music allows the student to directly incorporate the music and compás (rhythm) of flamenco. Classes are structured in progressing levels of development from introductory to pre-professional training. Student performing experience is offered with recitals and community shows.




RDT Community School



Flamenco I - 5:30 pm



Flamenco II - 7:30pm



Pre-registration (all classes in the session),10 classes for $100 (punch card) or $14 for a single class

Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center
 - 138 W 300 So - Downtown, SLC

Go to  or call 801-534-1000 for info



Video by John H. Lee



University of Utah

Guest lecturer

Movement in Culture - DANC4571

Dance in Culture – DANC1010


Utah’s Advanced Language Bridge Program

Starting in 2020, the Utah K-12 Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Program has Solange Gomes as a guest lecturer to their Spanish 3117 class. The high school Bridge Program was created to bridge the impending gap between completion of the AP Language and Culture exam (as early as 9th grade) and the start of university language study.


Tablado Rehearsal Studio - Millcreek,UT - 84107

Available for private and semi-private lessons



Flamenco guitar lessons

Contact John Major – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Guidelines to help students determine their level when registering for a class:


Beginner level: Students who don’t have any previous experience with Flamenco Dance. In this class the student will overview braceo (arm movements), taconeo (footwork), palmas (claps) and choreography.


Advanced Beginner level: Students who have already had previous experience with Flamenco dance (6 months to two years experience).


Intermediate level: Students who have acquired a basic knowledge of the different body – footwork and arms techniques used in Flamenco dance - and who have already worked with complete choreographies of some basic forms such as Tangos, Rumbas and Sevillanas (all 4 coplas) and pursue between two and three years experience.


Advanced Intermediate level: Students who have achieved technical control and retain extensive knowledge of the techniques of Flamenco dance and forms among which we would include Bulerias, Seguiriyas, Tientos y Solea. At least three years experience. Advanced level classes are geared towards the students interested in more performing experience. As well as focusing on both technique and choreography, emphasis is placed on stage presence, palmas, and communication with musicians (strength building for performance).




Shoes for both men and women should be hard soled, enclosed and low heeled for a first class. Flamenco shoes (with tiny nail heads on the toe and heel) are expected when student signs up for the session. Women should also wear a long, full skirt and a leotard or top comfortable to move in.


Links for shoes, skirts and accessories:



donflamenco shoes